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What everyone is saying about us!

Our home has been featured in several international magazines and two books:


* Maison Chic (France): Oct 2016 - French Magazine,"Reve de Julie" 

* Casa Chic (Italy): Oct 2016 - Italian Magazine

* Victoria Magazine (USA): May/June 2017  - US magazine, French special issue " The journey to buying a home abroad"

* French House Chic (Australia)by Jane Webster, October 2017 - Published by Thames and Hudson, Australia

* Living Sense-리빙센스: (Korea): Feb 2018 - Korean interior magazine, "프랑스 오래된성을 함께 가꾸며 사는 부부"

* The French Style (USA): Fall 2018 - US interior magazine

* Book Publishing 2019 : 나는 프랑스 샤토에 산다 (La vie de château) - Author of a memoire of restoring my home in France. Currently in Korean.

* My French Country Home (France): Mar/April 2020 - French magazine, our dining room was the cover page. 



Please click on the photos below to read the articles and view photos.

If you are interested in featuring our home in your media, please contact us for the press kit.



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