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It's been a long long and very long time to write anything here. It's only 45 days left in 2019. Time does fly so fast. I've been traveling so much in 2019, since my book was published in Korea in May 2019. I had a great time while I was traveling in Korea and not to mention My " One month in Morocco" It was a trip of life time, I whole heartly fell in love with Morocco. I am definitely returning back there soon or later.

It's a good time to travel to Morocco during the cold and wet winter month in french countryside.

I am not complaining that I am in cold and wet France. but girl can dream right?

Travel Make memories.

Have adventures. Because I guarantee that when you're 85 or on your death bed( don't get so sad, we only die one ) you won't think about all the bling blings you have or all the antique chins you collected or 20 pairs of designer shoes or dresses you owned. But you will think about that time you got lost in your favorite cities. The quaint tea shop you just stumbled upon, little restaurant you accidently discovered, the people you met along the way, maybe you might fall in love with the stranger. You will think of the moments that made you feel happy and alive. And at the very end, those beautiful memories will be the only valuable possesions you own.

I am so lucky to live in France as I can travel to many different countries I haven't been yet. I can travel by car, boat, and airplane of course.

Where is your dream place to visit?

Why not visit France if you haven't been yet.

Just a little thought and mumbline about it.

A bientot.


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