Happy Chinese New Year !

Wow, time flies so fast , it's already 5th February, Chinese New year.

I am sitting in our home in Melbourne, getting ready to move to France less than a month.

It's been a very hot summer in Down under. We missed France more than ever, I know it's cold in France but our house is very cozy inside with oil guzzling central heating system , newly refurbished radiators in every rooms and the fireplaces.

It is very exciting to move to France, despite of tons of work to do around the house and in the garden in the future.

Many people think that I am crazy leaving Australia behind and moving to French countryside. But we got to do what we got to do right?

France will be our primary residence for a while, until we don't want to live in France anymore. I am not sure if that will ever happen.

I recently figured out some new features in Instagram (@french_manoir) and created Q & A. So many questions which I didn't get to answer them all, because it disappeared after 24 hours but what I answered I saved them in the highlight. So you can check it out anytime.

I thought I will answer some more questions, here.

1. When and who built your house?

Our house was originally owned by wealthy business man from Paris. Mr. Le Brun is his last name. He bought an old house where the current house is located at also a lot of land around the house sometime in 1939. He finally demolished the old house and built the current house in 1850 and it took 7 years to finish it. The house was completed in 1857.

2. What do you do beside the renovating a chateau?

I studied business management and tourism management in both Korea and Australia. I worked as an interpreter and business consultant. I don't work anymore except occasional freelance consulting, and sometime buying antique for my overse