Be the envy of all the produce mavens at your local farmer’s market with this hand-woven palm leaf basket. The flat bottom keeps the bag standing on its own while you carefully select the best peaches and the double-woven top edge gives it an extra sturdy finish. Two sets of leather straps allow you to swing it casually over your shoulder or carry it in hand. Either way, you’ll look très chic!

In France, the market bag is a staple of daily life for practical and style purposes. Women use their market bags of all sizes for picking up daily produce, toting mail to the post office and packing quick weekend essentials.


In recent years, the bag has made a comeback as a fashion accessory, with high end designers creating their own versions, and adding colorful textures or luxurious leather detailing.


One of a Kind French Market Basket- 프렌치 마르쉐 가방

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€90.00Sale Price
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